Gah! I get overwhelmed by “about” pages.

How can I find the words in a paragraph or two to explain what makes me me?


I could tell you that I absolutely come alive when I go for a long run, bursting past my limits.

I could tell you how much I love challenges and in fact, can’t seem to back down from one. How I relish the feeling of my brain straining and stretching around a new problem and the feeling of triumph and satisfaction at reaching a solution. Which translates into how much I love being an engineer.

I could tell you how mercilessly analytical I am. And how much I enjoy deep conversations. And philosophy.

I could tell you I have curls that people always want to touch (don’t ask me why).

I could tell you how hard I work and how no detail slips past, regardless of the task or motivation.

I could tell you how I simply can’t get enough of good graphic design, how it excites me.

And on and on.

We all have so many parts:  some only our closest friends know and that we hide at work, others that we like to highlight on our resume. But I am only one person, a whole with many facets. The division is not inherently bad and often very appropriate and necessary, but I want this site to challenge those divisions. I am a computer scientist and a designer. I am a professional and a daughter, sister, and best friend.

Moutaintop Adventure


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