Spring 2013

• Developed using C++ with three team members through regular meetings, group programming, and individual work as a final project
• Allows users to build their own programs using blocks representing code to advance their character successfully through the level
• More detail to come!

Team members:  Sean Fitzgerald, Daniel Tamaru, Jon Gautsch


Graphic Design Beginnings

Learning Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator:

More work done as exercises to build a foundation in design principles:

T-2 Days Until Departure

T-2 Days Until Departure

I only have two more days in my lovely home country before I board a plane, sit for 16 hours, and deplane to find myself literally on the other side of the world.  While it has been difficult to see all of the tweets, snap chats, and other social media chatter of friends returning to school, I know I just have to wait a bit longer before beginning what will probably be the greatest adventure of my life thus far.

Do I know any Cantonese or Mandarin? Am I nervous? Have I been to Hong Kong, China, or even Asia before? I’ve been asked these questions by nearly everyone who knows I’m going abroad, and the simple answer is no. To all of them. Well, maybe I’m a little nervous to go to the other side of the world where I am unfamiliar with the language and culture with exactly one person I know and where my very first task will be to hail a taxi myself and attempt to communicate my desired destination about an hour away.

However, the nervousness is overwhelmed by the anticipation and excitement that has slowly built up over nearly nine months. I simply cannot wait to go. I cannot wait to immerse myself in the culture, to try to see the world from radically different perspectives, to bend and stretch my mind around the tidal wave of new experiences.

Grand Prize Winning App

In late spring of 2013, I attended a presentation about the new BlackBerry devices, the Z10 and Q10, and operating system, BB10, and rather spontaneously decided to develop a mobile application for a contest announced at the event. Essentially, my thoughts were, “Why not?” Roping in a good friend, we spent just over a week learning, coding, designing, and testing our app.

PillBox Main Screen

The Contest

Provided that the application met specific guidelines regarding functionality and user experience, it was eligible for the contest and certified “Built for BlackBerry.” Then, BlackBerry selected one qualified app from each participating school to compete for the grand prize at their North American conference in Orlando, FL. There, a panel of venture capitalists selected the app they believed to have the most potential.


With finals two week away, my friend and I dove into BlackBerry’s Cascades framework, a whole new IDE, and two languages neither of us had worked with before. The challenges of developing for a brand new product also significantly increased the difficulty of developing features. Collectively, hours upon hours were spent scouring documentation for the solution to the latest hiccup. Nevertheless, in about a week

and half, we successfully submitted a medication tracking app, convenient for remembering how to take a certain medication (ex: with or without food) and for setting reminders in the device’s native calendar app.

PillBox Pill View

The Win

After being selected to enter the final round, we traveled to Orlando for an incredible weekend.

Assorted AP Drawing Work


Perhaps amateur, this work represents the work of one of my most difficult (read: time consuming) classes during my senior year of high school – AP Drawing. My work began with a love of pencil drawing (Study Buddy and Dissipate) and developed into a passion for oil pastel, as seen in my concentration (see other gallery). Along the way, the class experimented with a variety of media, from acrylic paint (House of Cards) to chrome polish and magazine clipping (Who Am I?)!